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Against the push and pull of emotional waves, Giordano’s music is anchored in its constant living testament to her own journey - which seems always to find a silver lining. Being “soul positive,” is a perspective that’s important to this young veteran of the Los Angeles music scene.

Originally the lead of Alternative Rock band HIDDEN, Giordano has performed actively since the late 1990s, playing LA venues including Knitting Factory, Warped Tour, The Echo, Galaxy Theater, House of Blues and the Pomona Fairplex. Giordano and Hidden also opened for UK band The Creatures (i.e. Siouxie and the Banshees) at their southern California tour stops in 1999.

As a Solo Artist Giordano’s unique vision is unleashed. A self-branded “Soul Positive Rock Star,” her music sparks directly from her own experience. “Whether the song has a mood of melancholy, agitation, or rock,” she explains, “the message is ultimately positive.
A few words about my background, I was born in Los Angeles to Sicilian parents….no, we are not in the Mafia and yes, they did open a pizza joint. Thankfully my parents had good musical taste. I absorbed a ton of great music singing with my mom in the kitchen while records blasted Italian folk, rock and soul ranging from Adriano Celentano to Otis Reeding and The Beatles or as my mom would say in her thick Italian accent, “The Bleetals.”

There was a church two doors down from our pizza place which I attended daily because there was always free cake and group singing. Wow! That was heaven to 5 year old me. These early experiences really stoked the fire in my soul for music.

Flashing forward, I began writing rap lyrics and beat-box songs when I was 11! My first instrument was the trumpet, which I took up in the 6th grade. Then I moved on to snare drum and choir in 7th and 8th. When I got to high school I took guitar and dropped out of choir because there was too much practice and fund raising and I was far to Punk Rock for that. In guitar class Joey Maramba and I became fast friends evolving into a magical music partnership and the formation of HIDDEN. This band and partnership was pivotal to my development and I will always cherish Hidden. In 1999 Hidden “lived the dream” of opening for the Creatures (Siouxsie Sioux and Budgie) for two shows in Los Angeles, at the House of Blues and at The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana.

After a 10 year run, Hidden members, Santina Giordano, Joey Maramba on Bass, Frank Luis (princess Frank) on Drums, dis-banned in 2006.

In January 2011 HIDDEN did a reunion show for Arlo from Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park, whom the LA Weekly has dubbed “the best sound man in L.A.” Arlo asked if we would consider playing a reunion show for his birthday, and we happily obliged because he is family to us and because he is the God-Father of Underground Rock 'n Roll in Los Angeles.

HIDDEN is survived by two album
s click this link> HIDDEN 8 Song HP and
Everything You Ever Wanted and a music video for Song About Life.
We have been known to double as the
Trixies which was our Pixies cover band. Oh what fun!